Kids@Work 2012

The company the Man works in had an annual Kids@Work programme which we brought Matthew for the first time.


It began at 7.30am, with kids of all ages, and parents starting to fill out the foyer, collecting breakfast and the red tee shirt for the kids.

Sea of Red

The seminar room was a sea of red! Bored, sullen older kids, and enthusiastic, prancing younger kids all joined in the group activities. We had Matthew carry his own haversack, and he literally carried it around all the time. Shy Matthew stayed in the last row, watching the kids in front get all the attention with some yearning written on his face, especially when the host started giving out animal-shaped balloons. Yet he never left his place to wrestle to the front.


He did find his own fun, like posing for a photo with the mascot, Smiley the Squirrel. He loves hugging and having photos taken with mascots, probably stemming from his love of soft toys.


Of all the fringe activities, Matthew was only interested in the Shrink Art. Concentrating hard on colouring his Angry Bird picture on the thermal paper.

Completed Work

End product – a key chain! Proudly displaying his art work, and the key chain for Megan too. A consolation for not being able to join us.

Angry Birds

A few of the games Matthew enjoyed. Trying to throw a ball at the target in an attempt to knock off the Angry Bird plushies.

Hitting Cans

Throwing a ball at the metal cans in an attempt to knock them off.

Fishing Duckies

And his favourite game – fishing for duckies. Which he was quite good at it. Nevermind it was a game intended for younger kids, he enjoyed his accomplishment.

Although it was only an event lasting half a day, could tell the parents and kids enjoyed themselves very much. We will bring Megan along next year!


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