Love for Dessert

There is something about Asian desserts that warms both my heart and stomach. Judging by the amount we polished off, I think the Man and Matthew shared the same sentiments.

Pig Out

Clockwise from the right: Mango pudding ‘cake’, double steamed milk with almond paste, mango and strawberry shaved ice, and the new generation soya beancurd pudding (compared with the more traditional soya beancurd).

I LOVE hot double steamed milk, which has a soft, smooth, slightly curdled texture that immediately melts-in-the-mouth, with the full fragrance of fresh milk. Love what the stall offers – adding almond paste (what I have started to enjoy) to the double steamed milk, giving me the pleasure of imagining the supple, milky complexion I’ve always dreamed of.

The Man loves the extra fine fruit flavoured shaved ice, with wonderful, succulent toppings of glutinous rice balls, mango bits and juicy balls that exploded in the mouth with lychee flavoured syrup (at least that was what I thought it tasted like). The mango pudding cake and beancurd pudding were a bit of a disappointment, maybe because the double steamed milk had set too high a standard.

Mine, All Mine

Matthew monopolised the durian pudding cake, and did not stop until he has polished off everything. The boy who is fussy with his food, and is not adventurous, is actually a huge durian fan.

Durian King

Yup, I only managed to scrape 2 small bites of the durian pudding from him before he silently and steadily gobbled up everything. Matthew then proceeded to attack the mango and strawberry shaved ice, scooping up the glutinous balls one after another, until we cried for him to stop, for fear of indigestion.

Talking about desserts is making me hungry, especially in this rainy season we jokingly call winter here. I’m so in the mood for double steamed milk right now, why are the outlets so far away…


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