Show Me the Finger

The kids are about 22 months apart and often seek each other’s company. They are gradually becoming playmates and partners in crime. Let’s ignore the quarrels and fights that ensue for the time being.

The photo shows the kids after a hearty breakfast and pumped full with energy. They were pretendingt to be Power Rangers, while balancing atop a narrow raised platform of concrete. I’m not that sure about the finger, since my impression of the classic Power Rangers pose is usually the stiff, fisted hands.

These poses look more familiar now. Give them more standing space and weapons, and they will probably look more like this:

Taken from:

Go Go Power Rangers! (Actually, this was from WHEN I was an old kid, not sure what they shout before a mission now…)

The impressionable age. Things that we do when we were young that will probably come back to haunt us when we look back at our lives. And I will have undeniable proof of their journey here…


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