The kids and I were fiddling with Scrabble word tiles the other day when I suggested the kids form their own names. This activity got them excited and they rushed to collect the tiles that would form their names. A mini fight almost broke out when Matthew couldn’t find any ‘A’ initially and then found out in panic they were all with Megan. Megan had collected all the ‘A’s beforehand, it being the most familiar letter of the alphabet to her. It was quite hilarious to watch the drama unfold, actually.

Megan is still illiterate and needed lots of guidance to even form her name, despite being able to collect all the letters with instructions.

Matthew, meanwhile, was able to form his name fairly quickly. He then went on to spell out the Man’s and my names after making me repeat the spelling several times (one thing is quite definitive; Matthew is not really a auditory person).

The end products:

Yes, the glaring fact is that I’m only worth 3 points! And the boys are ‘worth’ more than the girls. Have to tell myself not to dwell too much on the points. But this is my family; wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world…


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