Overzealous Recycling

As part of the National Recycling Programme, we are supplied with a huge green plastic bag to deposit recyclable items. This bag will then be collected from outside our flats every fortnightly.

We make an effort to do our part for the recycling programme, leaving a bagful of recyclable items outside our flat each time. Yes, it’s amazing how much post-consumer materials we accumulate, despite conscious effort to reduce usage in the first place!

For a month now, however, we have been using our own huge plastic bags to store the recyclable items because a new green bag was not given to us after the collection. And we have run out of huge plastic bags.

So I did the traditional way of leaving a note for the kind people who collect the bags to give us one new bag. The Man also called up the company to give us a bag.

The note worked. It was no surprise we received a new bag by the time we reached home in the evening.

The telephone call worked too. Because on top of the single bag (which was dropped into the space between our door and gate), we also received these:

Yeah, now we have enough to recycle the recycling bags…


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