Children’s Day Events Part 2

The first week of October leading up to Children’s Day is a busy one, not just for the teachers in the kids’ school, but also for the parents. First there was the visit to Bollywood Veggies farm for Megan’s class, then there was the school-wide picnic / field trip to Pasir Ris Park.

I was ‘attached’ to Matthew and his class, while the Man was with Megan and her class; both classes had different activities at different parts of the huge Pasir Ris Park.

The kids travelled in different buses according to their classes. This was the Kindergarten 1 kids arriving at the park, and taking turns to visit the washroom before starting the day. It was heartwarming to observe these kids from the second-most senior class in the school being so independent, depositing their belongings neatly by the side of the pavement, visiting the washroom by themselves, and collecting their belongings after. They even looked after one another’s belongings!

The K1s and K2s began their day at Pasir Ris Park with a boardwalk trip through the mangrove forest. Their enthusiasm to be the first to spot the well-camouflaged crabs and mudskippers was infectious. Despite the warmth and humidity, almost everyone was in high spirits, in contrast to the field trip to Bollywood Veggies with the 3yos. Walking through the mangrove forest brought back fond memories of my own field trips during my university days, but also brought along a huge twinge of regret that a lot of time has since passed, and things are never going to be the same again.

Matthew had a hard time finding the mudskipper. In fact I wasn’t sure what he had been looking at as he stared intently at the mud and muddy swamp water.

After making enough noise to disturb the peace and tranquility in the mangrove forest, the 2 classes of kids and parents were finally out of the forest. The kids took a break and had some snacks and water before continuing the journey to the rendezvous.

The junior classes had been playing near the picnic point while the senior classes were at the mangrove forest. When we reached the picnic point, Megan had already eaten some lunch. She and another classmate were pretending to be monsters here. Her class teachers commented that she behaves like a boy, and prefers to play with boys than the girls in her class. No surprise here, since her only playmate at home is her elder brother.

After lunch, while the junior classes made the way back to school, the K1s and K2s stayed behind for some sand play and a inter-class sand castle building competition. The kids took to the sea water and sand with much enthusiasm, and totally ignored the blazing sun on their heads and backs. Tirelessly, they ferried sea water to wet the sand and proceeded to dig.

Of course, very few kids were genuinely interested in building sand castles. One adorable boy in Matthew’s class decided that making milo was more fun than boring old sandcastles.

And Matthew was in his element picking sea shells and nagging me to bring them home after rinsing the sand off. The sea shells now sit in a nice little container at home and are part of his collection. He plans to collect more sea shells the next time we go to a beach again.

The happy face created by the Man summed up the Family Day out at Pasir Ris Park. Kudos to the teachers who organised this field trip! Now, we look forward to the Year End Concert, and the kids being promoted to the next class…


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