Children’s Day Events Part 1

In line with the Chinese curriculum in Megan’s class, the teachers organised a field trip to Bollywood Veggies, with 2 classes of Nursery 1 kids and some of their parents in tow.

This is li’l Miss Sunshine’s last sunny smile. The real sun took away her smiles from this moment on.

The relentless beating of the sun rays upon us sapped away our energies and good moods in record time. And the commando mosquitoes identified me as prime target and left me with angry, red and itchy bumps all over my legs.

The nice JehJeh (big sister) tour guide was trying her best to engage the kids. After much cajoling, Megan reluctantly went up to the JehJeh and tasted some purple flower.

The young energetic tour guide probably didn’t have much experience with leading 3yos, and set upon a pace that was rather difficult for the kids to follow. Here, the guide was trying to explain to the kids about the sword bean.

After the guided tour and the onslaught of mosquitoes, we went to a shaded hut and started potting plants to bring home. It was really tough to get the attention of the eager kids and parents to listen to the instructions before starting to pot our own plants. Megan chose the Pandanus sp plant, but was more interested in the spilled soil than the instructor or her plant.

As for me, in between scratching irritably at my numerous mosquito bites (1 mosquito patch is not enough to shoo away the commandos), shaking off the extremely whiny Megan so she could pay attention to the tour guide, mopping away copious amounts of perspiration, and taking photographs, I managed to catch snippets of the information that was being passed to us from the tour guide, which was pathetically little.

And to think I used to be so gung ho and would don long khaki pants, t-shirts and booties to stomp into swamps, mangroves and forests with all the zeal of a budding ecologist. Oh, how much I have changed since then.

This is a picture of a bunch of edible bananas, characterised by the banana flower pointing downwards. Bananas with upward-pointing flowers are non-edible. How and why I did not manage to hear, if explained at all.

This quaint little farm has much more that was left unexplored; I would like to go back another time to experience all that it has to offer. This time I will make sure I come well prepared and equipped. Wait for me…


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