He is a Pretty Shark

I have a hammerhead shark soft toy as a souvenir from our trip to Hong Kong 1 year ago. Since then Sharky has been sitting on my pillow, and the kids make up all sorts of reasons to ‘borrow’ him every once in a while.

Somehow, as Matthew was the one who named it Captain Shark, we all assumed it to be a he. And we always refer to Sharky as him.

Well, that was until last Saturday when it was Megan’s turn to ‘borrow’ Sharky. She disappeared into her room with Sharky and I was too busy with housework to notice anything unusual.

Next thing I knew, Megan had bounded up to me, with bright, shining eyes and brandishing Sharky with a flourish said, “MaMa, look!”:

Sharky might be quaking with indignation he had been subjected to a gender change by an enthusiastic 3yo, but hey, I think he looked really pretty. And Megan’s new hair clips suited him to a t…


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