Mid Autumn Festival 2012

We have been participating in the mid-autumn festival lantern walk at Chinatown for the past 3 to 4 years, with my loved ones in 2009 and 2011.

With the disappointing mis-information on the organisers’ website last year, we were not keen to repeat our tradition at Chinatown this year. Instead, we went to the Chinese Garden, where the Man and I had not been there since we were less than 10 years old.

We had no recollection of the Chinese Garden, but it seemed more commercialised now to me. The lantern displays were all based on stories. Regardless, the kids enjoyed themselves.

I couldn’t tell what story the lanterns behind depicted, but the kids didn’t mind.

PoPo thoughtfully brought the kids their lanterns, and they had a great time parading/posing with the lanterns. Luckily the Chinese Garden was spacious and crowded with people, so the irriting tunes of the lanterns didn’t bother me that much.

This was the most beautiful lantern display at the Chinese Garden to me. The story of the Ugly Duckling? No matter, the lanterns made the central lake so much more beautiful.

Three generations of love and bonding. I love the girls (and boy, and the Man) in my family!

The best part of the evening for the kids was a piggy ride out of the Garden! Look how happy and relieved the kids looked. Thank you BaBa and Uncle Chong Boon! We love you!

Wonder where our mid-autumn festival outing will be next year. Looking forward to it…


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