Our Impish Kids

The Man and I had accumulated a lot of coins the past few months, and it was time for a trip to the bank to deposit the money into the kids’ savings accounts. Because of the deposits, the kids received a free sunshade / cap from the friendly JieJie (sister) at the counter.

So what can 2 impish kids do with 2 caps? Here are some suggestions:

Pose like a celebrity-wannabe, or a flower.

Make funny faces with the cap on the head or at the back of the neck (I cannot fathom why).

The kids were pretending to be I-cannot-comprehend-what, and laughing their heads off to jokes only a combined age of 8 would understand.

You know the saying that ‘apples don’t fall far from the tree’? Well, check out the apple trees in the mirror, and maybe you’ll understand why we have impish kids…


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