Mooncake Making Workshop

The mid-autumn festival is round the corner, and what better way to get into the mood of the festival by learning how to make mooncakes?

This is exactly what I did with my mother on an afternoon off; we attended a mooncake making workshop organised by the community club.

In 2.5 hours, I learnt that it is not rocket science to make mooncakes, but a GREAT deal of work and time is needed. Time, I have not. Work, I can do, and talent, I have lots. At the workshop anyway.

The finished product – Flaky pastry with yam paste filling. One of the pink ones was done by me, but I’ve forgotten which. I did arrange these cute little pastries and sent them into the oven though.

Managed to take a picture (albeit a lousy one) of my creation this time, the ready-to-eat snowskin mooncake with green tea flavoured lotus seed paste filling. I took my time to ensure the dough fitted into the mould perfectly, and knocked the completed dough out of the mould carefully to preserve the intricate pattern and shape of the mooncake.

As the rest of the participants were more interested in making as many of the flaky pastry and snow skin mooncakes they could grab, and totally ignoring to watch the oven, my mum and I took up the job instead of fighting over space, dough and mould.

With the need to remove the traditional mooncakes from the oven every 5 minutes for them to cool down and to apply the glaze to the top of the mooncakes, my mum and I became master glazers and time keepers of the class within 30 minutes. With so many mooncakes to glaze every 5 minutes, it was easy to become masters, since no one fought with us to do the job.

And I must say, I was glad to have had the opportunity to put my time management skills and steady hands to good use. Mooncakes, anyone?


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