Time Alone with Megan

I had about 2.5 hours alone with Megan on Sunday, saying bye to the boys who were going for TKD training.

So, what can 2 girls do in the mean time? Why, shopping of course!

Clutching her new hair clips in an ultra handy toddler-sized bag, a new lanyard and EZ link card, Megan was obliged to give me a tiny smile.

But absolutely nothing beats the power of food to bring out the cheeky, sunny Megan. Especially bread. She looks so cute I feel like eating her myself.

Though it was tiring to be out trudging through crowds in the sweltering heat with a toddler in tow, I would do it again if it means she’ll give me another cutie-pie smile as a reward. Oh, the love of a besotted mother knows no bounds…


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