Aspiring Hairstylists

Matthew and Megan woke up on Sunday morning, and proceeded to play with Matthew’s newly acquired, ‘Big Boy’ furniture. After quickly exhausting all forms of playing, they were now down to a pair of scissors in Matthew’s stationery box (previously at the dining table) and decided they want to become hairstylists when they grow up.

Matthew: MeiMei, let’s cut our hair, like Auntie Florence.

Megan: Ok!

Matthew: You cut yours, I cut mine.

Snip, snip

Megan: Ok!

Matthew: I cut yours, you cut mine too.

Megan: Ok!

Snip, snip, snip

Matthew: Leave the hair on the floor, like in the hair salon.

Megan: Ok!

Matthew: Ok, done! Let’s put back the scissors.

Megan: Ok!

Matthew: Let’s play school!

Megan: Ok!

Alright, I made up the conversation above, as the Man and I semi-slept through the early morning saga without realising what the kids were up to. We only realised what happened at night, when the kids were getting ready to go to bed, and the Man happened to be sitting on the floor. That was when he noticed an extraordinary amount of hair on the brown-tiled floor. Within seconds, the kids spilt the beans.

With the powerful reprimand technique only the Man was capable of, he soon had the kids standing with their hands by their sides, head half-bowing, and some tears glistening in their eyes because they realised they had done something very wrong.

All this while, I was busy sweeping up the hair on the floor, stealing glances at the kids, and trying hard to stifle my giggles as they looked ridiculously cute and shame-faced at the same time.

The amount of hair that has fallen prey to the art & craft scissors. The longer ones were Megan’s but there were lots of stubby 5mm ones of Matthew’s too.

In the end, it was Matthew’s head that visibly showed their masterpiece.

After the kids had gone to bed, we could no longer hold our laughter. Who hasn’t had an episode of self-inflicted bad hair day when we were young? But we were gratified to know that while we have put the pair of scissors away but left it accessible, the kids would not be rushing to be hairstylists for a long time to come. What’s left now is to pay a visit to Auntie Florence for a real haircut…


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