I’m all Grown Up

After having a playmat in his room for the last 5 years, we decided it was time for Matthew to ‘upgrade’ to his big boy status officially. The Man rearranged the existing furniture in Matthew’s room to make space for a work desk, chair and table lamp.

Matthew woke up the morning we were due shopping for his furniture all smiles and sunny. And he managed to stay that way the whole day, which was quite a feat, given his mood swings.

Look how happy Matthew was, as we began the second leg of shopping for the day.

Enjoying an ice cream each after the shopping was done. Still sunny and extremely happy that the day was all about him.

The ‘Handy’ Man fixed all these up, while the kids were buzzing around him, excited to watch yet unable to keep still.

Now, Matthew has can read in comfort in the early morning with proper lighting and without waking up the Man and especially the Sister when he switches on the main bedroom light (which will switch on Megan as well)…


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