Obsession with Napa Cabbage

Growing up, my favourite vegetables were mainly the non-green ones; cabbage, Chinese White or Napa cabbage, eggplants, cauliflowers and broccoli (ok, broccoli is quite green). I tolerated the green leafy ones, but only ate the leaves as I did not like the crunchy texture of most leafy vegetables. But my clear favourite was still cabbage.

Now, as I get older, I’ve become more and more of a vegetable fanatic, guzzling all the vegetables I can get, green-leafy or not, crunchy or not.

But nothing makes me happier than cabbage. And I have a new favourite – the Napa cabbage. More accurately, I’m OBSESSED with Napa cabbage. And I think the love for Napa cabbage turned into an obsession when we had a holiday in Korea last May. I was previously not big on Korean cuisine, as they feature a lot of spicy dishes, which I, unfortunately, cannot take the heat. All that changed with the visit to Korea.

While in Korea, I tasted the most amazing Kimchi soup ever. And the most delicious Baechu Kimchi. Nevermind the intense heat from the chilli, but oh, the sourness (which is my favourite), and oh, oh, the Napa Cabbage! I had tonnes of Napa cabbage at every meal, as neither the Man nor Matthew touched any. I was in food heaven!

From then on, I was a changed person. My eyes light up whenever I see Napa cabbage, my breathing quickens, and I swoon with delight as I sink my teeth into the sweet, semi-crunchy or soft flesh of the cabbage. Stir-fried with garlic and mushrooms, boiled in flavourful soups and hotpots, kimchi and kimchi soup, I absolutely love them all!

And what better way to celebrate the love of Napa cabbage with a hearty, indulgent meal of Bibimbap, Kimchi soup, and side dishes of Kimchi and eggplant? The simple pleasures in life…



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