The Hungry Doctor and the Patient

In an earlier post, I wrote about Matthew’s decision on the specialist doctor he wants to be, if given only 2 choices. The Man said that Matthew supplemented his reason for choosing to be the Eye Doctor, which I missed as I was busy recording what he said in between laughs.

Matthew previously said: I want to be (an) Eye doctor because there’s Mr Bean to eat. Skin doctor don’t have Mr Bean.

He went on to justify his choice: For Eye doctor, at least if no breakfast he can eat Mr Bean.

Very thoughtful and absolutely practical…


On the other hand, Megan has taken ill again. While Matthew’s illnesses stem from his allergies, Megan’s illness stem from her love for food. And we have come to expect a pattern to the development of events.

First comes unrestrained eating; nuts, crackers, chips, chocolates, when we’re not around to nag at her. Then comes the cough. Cough worsens, and does not go away. Here comes the dramatic, sudden fever that immediately goes up beyond 38 deg Celsius. This is when we will bring her to the doctor, who will diagnose an inflamed throat. All the time.

Megan fever spikes are scary, and lasts for 2 to 3 days. But unless the fever is over 38 deg Celsius, she will behave normally in her chatty, active self. She is much better today, but suffered from diarrhoea from antibiotics that are too strong. Cannot wait for her to be back to normal again…


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