Little Girl and her Dresses

It’s quite magical to see the invisible bond between the Man and his daughter. Though the Man is equally strict with the 2 kids, he somehow allows the daughter more leeway. The relationship is somehow quite different with the son, as the Man expects the son to be tougher and more mature.

Through the Man and Megan, I’m constantly reminded of the meaning, Daddy’s Girl. This reminder was made more poignant when we were out shopping the day before.

We chanced upon this shop selling children’s clothes. The Man made a beeline for the shop and took down a dress that had caught his attention. Megan has expressed her keen interest to wear dresses for some time now, and we are also keen to allow her to do so. However, she has fewer than a handful of dresses and we have been on the lookout to expand her wardrobe.

The dress was beautiful in our eyes and we thought Megan is suited for it. Then the Man’s sharp eyes spied another dress hanging from the adjacent rack and he grabbed that too. In the end, the Man bought both dresses, a far cry from his usual pragmatic and frugal self.

Our purchases:

Megan was very happy with her new dresses. When asked which dress she preferred, she answered in an extremely diplomatic way, “I like both dresses. Both dresses pretty.”

Diplomat in the making? Little girls and dresses, perfect match…







One comment

  1. heeho1

    The dresses r so pretty.. I rem picking out the 2 nd dress at a shop in Myvillage serangoon. Am I rite? I nv bought though… But it’s a beauty.

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