The Doctor I want to be

Other than being underweight, Matthew also has chronic eczema and congenital Brown’s Syndrome in the right eye . He is otherwise a normal boy.

Recently, he had a skin flare-up which didn’t subside on its own. We resorted to visiting a dermatologist (Skin doctor to Matthew) for steriods. He had also gone for his regular appointment to the ophthalmologist (the Eye doctor), which further diagnosed him with allergic conjunctivitis.

With the close intervals between visits to these 2 doctors at different hospitals, Matthew has become used to seeing either the Eye or Skin doctor. And he has taken all these visits in his stride, as if they were merely walks in the park. Maybe because the 2 doctors have been nice and friendly with him.

So after yesterday’s follow-up with the Skin doctor, we asked Matthew what kind of doctor he would like to be when he grows up – an Eye or Skin doctor.

Without hesitation, Matthew replied he wants to be an Eye doctor. Curious, we asked him why.

We erupted into guffaws at his answer. This was his reason:

Matthew: I want to be (an) Eye doctor because there’s Mr Bean to eat. Skin doctor don’t have Mr Bean.

A Mr Bean outlet is near the Eye clinic at the hospital, and I always buy him a pancake of his choice to munch while waiting. Sometimes he asks for a cup of soyabean milk as well. Whereas I have not brought him to the Mr Bean outlet located much further away from the clinic where he sees the skin doctor.

So it is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…



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