Power Ranger Fever

It’s all about the Power Rangers at YeYe and NaiNai’s house currently. DVDs, the telly, action figures, you name it. Matthew, of course, is the biggest beneficiary. There is a new addition every Sunday.

First, there was the Samurai Megazord . Then it was the Clawzord.

Then there was the Man. Who took over the Megazord and Clawzord from the rightful owner and enthusiastically combined them to create the Nobody-Knows-What-it’s-Called yet.

Online, people are calling it the Claw Armour Megazord.

I calling it I’m-Cool-Looking-but-Please-Hold-me-Gently-by-the-Waist-else-I-might-Come-Apart Zord. But nobody’s complaining.

We’re just wondering what might the Christmas present be, now that the deluxe zord has been bought and built…


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