All Padded Up

As Matthew has reached the Green belt (6th kup) in Taekwondo, his training would now include sparring, in the lead-up to the next grading. Which means an additional 4 hours (at least) of sparring lessons, and acquisition of protective gear. Nevermind the fact that it set us back by over $300, I was more amused that the smallest-sized protective gear was still too big for our underweight kid.

As any ordinary mother who thinks the world of her kids, I must say I think he looks darn cute all padded up, like a Storm Trooper. Okay, not really like a Storm Trooper, but you get my drift. Gearing him up took some time and lots of pulling on the straps. Megan was as usual, in her tactile element. She was most amused by the groin guard, which she demonstrated by hoovering it over her brother’s groin and exclaiming, “this one is for the *****”

Of course, not forgetting the photo moment. My boy, looking like an avenger, except for the awkwardness between his legs. And my girl, pretending to be a Power Ranger, but tripping over her legs.

Afternote: I think my kids will probably hate me for posting these pictures when they are older. But hey, let me have some laugh before they are old enough to laugh at their old fogies…


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