Things a 5yo Says

It’s been a while since I wrote about the things Matthew says. While on  one hand I’m gratified he can put forth his opinions and ideas, I’m nevertheless irritated at times at the bossy way he talks to us.

On the way to Matthew’s TKD class

The Man: Okay, kids, we’re going to have breakfast at MacDonald’s before GorGor goes for his class.

Matthew: Which MacDonald’s are we going?

The Man: The one near your school.

Matthew: But there is no MacDonald’s near my school.

The Man: Yes, there is one.

Matthew: Oh… BaBa, next time you must say near the Taekwondo school, not just school. I thought you mean my school. My school doesn’t have MacDonald’s nearby.

The Man (and I): !……

And, we should have known Matthew has a bossy and easily distracted nature (when he was just 25mo) since young.

The kids were taking turns belting out songs to their captive audience (The Man and me, literally) in the car.

Matthew (singing Home by Kit Chan): Whenever I am feeling low, I look around me AND I KNOOOW… THERE! THERE! That’s the sports car I was pointing at!!!!

Of course, Megan would not be outdone.

Megan: There! Look! That’s a car!


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