Priceless Gifts

Before Ah Yi went to Australia for her honeymoon, her favourite nephew made her promise to get him an elephant soft toy.

So Ah Yi spent part of her time in Australia, while on honeymoon, combing shops for an elephant soft toy because she loves her nephew so very much. Unfortunately, the elephant is not native to Australia, and tried as she did, Ah Yi could only substitute the elephant with a cow and a rhino.

Determined to fulfil her promise to her favourite nephew, Ah Yi proceeded to comb shops back home for the elusive elephant. Her determination and love paid off.

When she next met up with her nephew, she broke the news of finally buying the elephant for him. That night, this was what she wrote on her Facebook:

“Soft toy elephant — $39.90; the look on Matthew’s face when he knew that I have gotten him what he wanted — Priceless :)”

Of course, not forgetting her favourite niece, Ah Yi bought a toy monkey in her niece’s favourite colour.

 Introducing Mr Elephant and Ms Monkey

What she didn’t write was, the twinkling of her sister’s (not her niece’s) eyes when she saw the beautiful monkey…

Thank you Ah Yi, you’re the best ever!


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