Snowmen in Summer

June has been scorchingly hot and non-stop perspiration-inducing in the day, and extremely warm and non-stop perspiration-inducing in the evenings and night. Tempers flare and sweat pores are permanently open. It has been, in short, terrible to step away from any air-conditioned place, or out of the range of hardworking fans.

The kids are not having a good time either. Megan’s fine hair is often wet with perspiration and plastered to her head in clumps. And Matthew now sports a closely cropped head (disastrous trip to the hair salon) that has drawn laughter from his friends, and exclamations of “Oh, his head is so round! So cute!” from aunties.

Because of the heat, and that we do not have air-conditioning switched on throughout the night (the kids have never slept in air-conditioned rooms since young), the kids have picked up new skills.

Matthew has learnt to adjust the speed and range of the wind from the electrical fan so that he will be cool wherever he will be sitting; he will walk with his arms outstretched back to his position after making the adjustments. Megan can also make rudimentary adjustments, by twisting the head of the standing fan roughly.

And the kids have learnt to powder themselves up before bedtime, although they much prefer to just lie back and enjoy being pampered. The first time I watched them apply the powder puffs to their bodies, I was mesmerised.

Hey, who says you cannot have snowmen in the heat of summer? I have 2!! And they look adorable after the powder application; irregularly whitish and sprinkling powder as they move.

And looking visibly relieved, a snowboy and a snowgirl, happy they have some respite from the heat…


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