Great Weekend June 2012

Last weekend was great. The kids were funny, the weather was cool and our tempers were kept in check.

It was raining and we decided to skip Matthew’s swimming class. Instead, we had breakfast at Han’s, his favourite. The Man started showing Megan photos of her when she was a baby, and she was amazed she was once so young and cute.

Megan kept going “look, GorGor! That’s me”. But Matthew was more interested in his scrambled eggs and chocolate milk.

This was what Megan did when asked to pose for a photo. Matthew was very tickled by her antics, and even called her “Miss Ducky”

After a happy start to Saturday, we then spent our time at IKEA, Changi Airport for lunch, home for nap, first ever family movie, MacDonald’s for dinner. The day went by in a blink.

YeYe and NaiNai bought durian from Malaysia because they knew Matthew loves them. The boy actually likes ‘exotic’ fruit like durian, dragonfruit, persimmon, and jackfruit. Yup, he’s kind of strange.

Posing with durian. He eventually gave up after 3 pieces because the durian was too bitter for his liking.

Not to be outdone by her GorGor, Megan proclaimed she also likes to eat durian. One bite of the durian had her cringing, making a face, throwing down the durian, running far, far away, and screaming “Eeeeee, I don’t like durian!”

 She IS a funny girl. The weekend is near! Looking forward to more fun-filled family time…


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