First Ever Movie

We’ve done what we previously thought might be premature – bringing both kids for a movie!

We did it last Saturday, after preparing for the worst case scenario; Megan unable to sit still, climbing up and down her seat, talking loudly throughout the movie, visiting the toilet at least 3 times, spilling drinks and popcorn all over herself, wetting herself… At least, those were the images I was mentally torturing myself with, when we decided to give it a try.

After all, we only brought Matthew to his first movie, Kungfu Panda 2 in May 2011, after his 4th birthday. And we took 4 years to ascertain he’s a boy who can sit still for prolonged periods without making uncessary chatter before deciding he’s ready to sit through a movie.

Picture taken from Yahoo! Movies

As expected, Matthew was seated quietly throughout the movie, feasting on half a hotdog, and occasionally requesting for more popcorn, and a wet wipe to “clean his sticky fingers”. He was so well-behaved I almost forgot he was sitting beside me. And I forgot the Man was there as well.

Because, my attention was spilt 50-50 between the funny animation, and the animated Megan. She dominated the whole pack of popcorn, stuffing them into her mouth non-stop, occasionally accepting bites of her half of the hotdog from me. After about half an hour, these were what happened:

1. She started asking I-cannot-remember-what questions loudly (luckily, there were noisier kids around), and I had to shush her repeatedly.

2. She overturned the pack of popcorn and spilt about 1/5 on the floor.

3. She asked to go to the toilet. Once.

4. She starting waving her hand in the air, before feeding me the popcorn. Several times.

5. She asked to sit on my lap, and was squirming around. I had to push her head down to avoid blocking the person at the back.

6. When the movie ended and her favourite “I Like to Move It” song came on, she wriggled (on my lap) to her hearts’ content and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Seeing the kids’ eyes light up when they commented on the movie 2 days later made the inconveniences insignificant. *Small spoiler below*

Matt: MaMa, what’s your favourite animal?

Meg: I like the Zebra.

Matt: I like the Tiger. MaMa, what’s your favourite animal?

Meg: I like the Zebra.

Matt: The Zebra goes ‘polka dot, polka dot, circus’ right, MaMa?

Me (finally getting a word in): yes, polka dot, polka dot afro.

Meg: You like the Lion right?

Me: Er, yes I like the Lion.

Meg: Then the Zebra sing I like to move it, move it right?

Me: Erm, actually it was the lemur who sang I like to move it.

Matt: What’s a lemur?

Me (maybe I should have just shut up): A lemur is a kind of monkey. (please forgive me, taxonomists out there)

Matt: But he looks more like a raccoon.

Me (I really should shut up): Yes he does, but he’s really more of a monkey.

Meg: I like to move it, move it…

Actually, I like to move it, move it too, and I love the polka-dotted, rainbow-coloured afro haired Marty (trust Megan to like the silly, funniest character of all). For some family fun and laughter, do catch the Madagascar 3, and have a neon-coloured, fantastic time!

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