A Glimpse into the Future

“Megan’s Mummy, do you know what Megan did today?”

I cringe just by imagining when I would expect another complaint from the school teachers, and what the complaint would be.

Oh, this gal is full of surprises. Not that I have alot of experience with 3 yos (only one was Matthew when he was 3), but I never imagined these would be possible:

1. She waited till the teacher’s back was turned, then plucked a STAPLE out from the notice board and ate it. The teacher noticed her chewing on something for a long time, and asked her. When told to open her mouth, the teacher was shocked to see the staple on her tongue. Luckily for us, she was probably trying to extract as much iron she could from the staple in her mouth. I cannot bear to think what would happen if she decided to swallow it. The teachers did comment that she is nimble with her hands and fingers, but we never expected her to use her nimble fingers to pluck out staples and send them into her mouth…

2. She cut off a lock of her friend’s hair. When questioned, she said that her friend disturbed her, she got angry, the pair of scissors belonged to the teacher, and that her friend subsequently cut A strand of her hair too. We gave her a good scolding, punished her, and made her go and apologise to her friend the next day. I was in despair. She is only 3! How can a 3 yo be capable of that? Or are 3 yos capable of cutting off friends’ hair when they become angry? We already know she is nimble with her hands, but we never expect she could manipulate a pair of scissors to cut off hair…

I cannot help but think about the Chinese saying “三岁定八十” (literally means one’s character is fixed for life at 3 year old). These events are like a glimpse into the future, and what is to come.

We need to consider very carefully whether to enrol Megan into a Primary school nearby in 3 years’ time, for we may need to make several trips to the school if she carries on like this… “Megan’s Mummy/Daddy, can you come to the school now?”…



  1. janeeeee

    OMG, I cannot imagine a three year old doing both of these!! Luckily she didn’t hurt herself in both of the incidents. She’s quite a dare devil in a way that even boys of her age aren’t!

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