Conversations with a 5yo and a 3yo

As much as it warms my heart to have conversations with my kids (shows that they enjoy talking to me), I struggle to predict the questions that will be asked, and I’ve been stumped by them on several occasions.

Here are 2 of the more recent ones.

Conversation with Megan:

Me: Megan, do you love MaMa?

Meg: Yeth (She speaks with a lisp)

Me: How much do you love me?

Meg (happily puts up 5 fingers): 5!

Me: Er, then how much do you love BaBa?

Meg: 5!

I went on to ask the same questions for every family member, and the answer is always 5. Except for 2, and her reason, when asked why she doesn’t love them, was this:

Meg: Becoth they 臭臭 (smelly in Mandarin)

Stunned and immediately thinking of launching into a tirade of how you cannot decide to not love someone because they smell blah blah blah,

Me: Then MaMa’s also smelly, do you still love me?

Meg: No, I don’t like you.

Figured she’s sensitive to smells, and doesn’t enjoy being hugged. Princess…

Conversation with Matthew in the car:

Matt (noticing that the gates have gate numbers): MaMa, gate 1 means Primary 1?

Me: Oh no, these gates lead to a big GorGor JieJie school, called a Polytechnic.

Matt: Bigger than Primary school?

I then went into detail of the levels of education in terms of ages and types of schools.

Me: … So when you finish Polytechnic or Junior College, you’ll have to enter into the Army because you’re a boy.

Matt: I get to go to the Army?? YEAH.

Me: Erm, yup, you’ll have to go to the Army.

Matt: But I haven’t learnt to drive, how can I drive the Army tank?

Me (desperately trying to keep my eyes on the road while I recover from the stun): Erm… Erm… I’m sure they’ll teach you to drive in the Army. Anyway, you’ll be 18 years old by then. You’ll be able to learn how to drive…

Can someone please write a manual on how to best answer kids’ questions? I’m not sure how long I can keep up with the questions posed…


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