Lego World

The kids received more Lego Duplo blocks as Christmas presents from us and Matthew and his Dad had lots of fun playing with them.

Some of their creations:

“MaMa, flowers for you”, Matthew said matter-of-factly. Not knowing I was very touched, since these are the only flowers I’ve received for a long time. I’m not really big on flowers, but hey, which girl doesn’t like flowers right?

Evolution. The modern giraffe which evolved to be as tall as the tree.

Finally, the Duck family. BaBa and MaMa ducks at the back, Matthew on the front right, and Megan with the huge yellow flower on her head.

Where Matthew and Megan are concerned, playing with Lego is the only activity both are engaged for a considerable period of play time. And the Man joins in many of the times. I’m not complaining…


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