Minnie Vs Minnie

Minnie Mouse comes in different types and sizes in the toy market. I thought I knew, but I didn’t really understand.

The TYPE of Minnie Mouse does matter.

Tips for choosing the ideal Minnie Mouse (from a 2+yo gal):

  1. If it ain’t hand-picked by me, it ain’t the Minnie I want (with reference to the Halloween-themed Minnie chosen by my GorGor in my absence). But I’ll still love it anyway, because it’s Minnie.
  2. Take the cue from me – if I squeal in delight, and start to chant “Minnie, Minnie!”, that’s the Minnie I want (Minnie on the left in the picture)
  3. The size matters. Minnie must be able to fit snugly into the curve of my elbow. This way, I’ll have the closest hug possible.
  4. Who cares if Minnie is not proportional? You adults are too concerned about the proportions, relax la!
  5. It’s ok to have heart-shaped ear patches. It’s called funky, not weird.
  6. It’s not enough that the potential Minnie looks pretty.
  7. Minnie has got to look damn cute! Cute ok, not just pretty. Got it?

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