Matthew’s First TKD Grading

You might have already known that Matthew has been attending lessons at J H Kim Taekwondo Institute (Singapore) since July 2010. He was in the Tots class until mid August 2011, where he was transferred to the Kids class. It was in the Kids class that the learning became more intense.

We soon learnt he had started practising the 16 steps to the Introductory Poomsae, and the school took the trouble to inform parents by writing the number of steps (e.g. 10/16) learnt on a piece of white tape on the white belt. An inexpensive yet effective method of communication, I must say.

At the beginning of October 2011, we were informed that Matthew would be taking his first grading test at the end of the month. If he passed the test, he would be promoted to yellow tip!

That was exciting news for us. Matthew’s first ever test! The Man started an entire month of ‘intensive training’ with Matthew, in preparation for the test. This involved online research on the steps for Introductory Poomsae, making Matthew practise every night and correcting his moves.

The big days came. The school organised an internal grading on 29 October 2011 and parents were allowed in to view the whole process here.

Warming up before the internal grading.

Matthew actually looking somewhat professional in the photo.

The next day was the official grading and anxious parents milled around outside the school, choking up the walkways, since we were all not allowed in. The actual grading only took less than a minute, and it was all over.

The end result?

White Belt with Yellow Tip

Looking forward to his progress up the ranks. This is even more exciting (and worrying) than my own tests! Guess that’s part of parenthood…


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