HK Food Trail

Don’t be mistaken, although I have it stamped in my passport that I was in Hong Kong from 17 to 20 October 2011, the only places I’ve been to were Disneyland, Disneyland Hotel, Ocean Park, and Citygate’s Food Republic.

It was not an uneventful trip, on the contrary, I cherished the happy times we had in HK. But I wished I had more energy to take more photos to remember me of this wonderful time abroad. There were many firsts – Megan’s first trip to HK, kids’ first trip to Ocean Park, first travel trip out with my Mum in many years.

I digress. This post is about some of the (pardon the lack of quality) photos of the special food we had:

Here’s Jack Skelllington guarding the fruits with a steal-if-you-dare challenge to anyone who had thoughts of doing exactly so. The buffet breakfast at the Hotel, with the meet-and-greet session.

While I have never visited Disneyland (see HK 2009 and Japan 2010) during other seasons, I must say I really enjoy the wickedly fun, yet not sinister Halloween themed Disneylands in October.  Yes, yes, I’ve always been a HUGE sucker fan of anything glow-in-the-dark since young. I’ve grown more discerning now that I’m older, but I’m right now smiling at my glow-in-the-dark drink coasters as I’m typing this. Go figure. Oops, have I digressed yet again?

It’s all about Mickey! Cutlery, plates, pancakes

 Waffles too! And I must say, the waffle was really delicious!

We splurged on an expensive Chinese-style Halloween themed set dinner on the last evening in Disneyland, in order to soak up the Halloween fun. First up was the Tomato Seafood Soup which was surprisingly yummy and appetising. Not that spooky huh?

Another seafood soup in a mini pumpkin, which was also tasty.

Fried chicken covered with crispy almond flakes with a tangy berry sauce. Matthew ate the bloody eyes (longans only, black olives discarded) with glee!

Stir fried asparagus with mock chicken. The only thing Halloween were the Jack-O-Lantern shaped carrot pieces, which Matthew again ate happily.

Tasty fried rice with big crispy fried shrimps.

Mickey shaped cut fruits with a yummy fried pumpkin pastry with sweet potato filling, and a chewy bat-shaped agar agar. The stem of the pumpkin was a short stalk of asparagus.

A cool find at the Macs while in Ocean Park – “da bow” sundae. Twice the size of local sundaes, with choices of all strawberry, all chocolate fudge, or mixed toppings.

That was all the food I had time to take photos of. Shall endeavour to do much better in documenting our eats the next trip.


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