Hong Kong October 2011

We ventured out to Hong Kong from 17 to 2o October 2011 with the 2 kids. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without dedicated PoPo’s help. Wished it could have been more enjoyable for PoPo though, please accept our sincere apologies.

We managed to catch the ending bit of the parade by the time we arrived in Disneyland. Megan was so excited to see Minnie Mouse for the first time that she bounced up and down on my shoulders and even banged me on the sides of my head with her hands, all the while shouting “MINNIE, MINNIE!” I have never seen her so excited before, and I felt at that moment, that I would do anything to have my little gal happy, always.

The 3 kids having fun monkey-ing around and pretending they are tribal warriors at Adventure Land.


The kids (real ones) have the Halloween-themed Mickey and Minnie plush toys as souvenirs of their trip and they are loving the toys. Alot of details went into the design of the outfits, and I’m still discovering new details whenever I have the chance to look at the toys.

The kids had a magical breakfast on the 2nd morning, with a meet-and-greet session with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. No one were left unaffected by the appearances made by the Disney characters. Even PoPo, who has never been interested in Disney stuff, got caught up in the magical moments. The kids, and adults alike, were so excited and happy afterwards.

The 2nd morning’s highlight at Disneyland was gladly queuing up in the hot sun for photo moments with Donald and Daisy Duck, as well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

See all our smiles?

The 3rd day’s activities at the Ocean Park were less magical, and more frustrating. Nevertheless, the kids, Matthew actually, got his Captain Dolphin as souvenir. Captain Penguin and Captain Shark are our new friends too. Strollers helped much to relieve our tired, aching arms.

The hotel provided kid-sized bath robes for the kids and the kids had fun wearing them after their bubble baths. Matthew looking kawaii in his bath robe.


The bath robe is over-sized for Megan, but she still looked cute to me.

By the 3rd day, the kids were cranky from lack of proper naps and early nights. Here’s Matthew having a shut-eye in his cramped stroller. At least he made less fuss and was willing to sleep in the stroller. Megan, on the other hand, insisted on napping in PoPo’s arms.

Here’s my gal, still sleeping at 7.30am on the 4th and last day in Hong Kong. Yup, the kids slept at 9+, 10 pm at night and would be up by 7am the next morning. The adults had no choice but to follow their routine. No wonder we felt like we were at boot camp, rather than at a holiday.

Despite the flared tempers, crankiness and absolutely no where except Disneyland and Ocean Park, I like to think it had been a good trip afterall. In retrospect, of course, as I looked like this most of the time in HK:

Minus the smile and cuteness. Chasing after the kids, making sure they do not become a nuisance to others…


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