Mini, but Huge Patience

Took my hat off the driver of this Mini, for he spent 8 whole minutes doing the following:

  1. Parked his car but left the engine running.
  2. Opened up a reflective sun shade, stretched out from his seat to place the car shade carefully to cover all areas of the rear window.
  3. Opened up another reflection sun shade for the wind shield, again making sure all areas are covered.
  4. Reached somewhere at the back of the car, unraveled 2 similar sun shades to carefully suction-stick them onto the windows.
  5. Reached somewhere near the driver’s seat and took out another 4 different sun shades, and slowly arranged them, 2 per window, before suction-sticking them down on the glass.
  6. Reached out to the left back window and took out one of the sun shade to stick it back straight on the window again.

Satisfied, the driver finally took his bags and switched off the engine to step out of his car. He key-locked his car, walked around to the passenger seat and did exactly what I expected his personality (after studying him for 8 minutes) would do: pull on the door handle to make sure the car was truly locked and secure.

2 minutes after he walked away, one of the suction hooks of the sun shade at the back lost its grip on the window and slid off, leaving half a window to let in the sun the driver was trying so hard to keep at bay!

I could not stop myself – I burst out laughing at the situation. It is pay-back, for making me take in the exhaust fumes for 8 minutes…


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