Tickled by Mr Tickle

Matthew and I started talking about the watch buttons he has one evening on the drive home. Suddenly, Matthew started spinning a story about Mr Tickle, and it went like this:

(The following narrative was done entirely in Matthew’s words. As much as possible, the actions he did while he told the story will be described in words )

(With arms fully extended in front of him, and wriggling his fingers) This is Mr Tickle.

When Mr Tickle press a button on his seat belt (pressed an imaginary button on his seat belt), his arms become short. (arms retracted, leaving open palms by his sides, wriggling his fingers)

Then Mr Tickle press another button (finger reached up to his seat belt and pressed another imaginary button), and he… tickles himself! (fingers turned inwards and wriggled on his stomach)

I burst out laughing at this point. “Matthew, you’re so funny!!” I shouted amid my laughter. He beamed and sat up straighter, his confidence bolstered by my laughter of approval. I bet his eyes lit up too. My burdens for the day dissipated.

I have truly been tickled, by my own Mr Tickle. I wish he keeps and develops his sense of humour as he grows up, for laughter is the best medicine. And who doesn’t love a funny man?  Well, at least I do…

Mr. TickleExtracted from http://www.mrmen.com/uk/about

In case you’re wondering how I manage to watch him while driving, not to worry, as I kept my eyes on the road all the time, watching him only from the corner of my left eye.



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