Lantern Walk, Angry Birds and Monsters in September 2011

September 2011 is almost over, and it has been filled with activities. Angry Birds and Monsters came visiting (though it’s not yet Halloween), and there was the Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Walk too. Shall let the pictures do the talking:

The exhausted M&M gamely posed for a photo after the disappointing trip to the Lantern Walk at Chinatown. Unfortunately their Angry Birds lanterns were both facing inwards.

Their current favourite – Angry Birds. Trying to look like the Angry Birds, but Matthew preferred to look happy. Thanks to YeYe and NaiNai for the pretty T-shirts.

Megan does a good job at pretending to be angry. Or maybe she really was angry at us dressing her up like a baseball player.

Still looking angry in a dress. The problem is hers then.

This Angry Bird was so tired after a day without his usual afternoon nap that he decided to fall asleep in the car. How he managed to sleep like this was beyond our comprehension.

Ice cream or me?

Who’s cuter, my GorGor or me?

The kids were so high after the ice cream that they went hysterical over almost nothing.

My 3 Edward Scissors Hand-Davy Jones monsters who just feasted on hotdog and ice cream, after dinner. Just. Plain. Monstery…


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