No More Gelish

“Will not chip nor tear for 21 days!” scream the posters.

“This polish will never chip one, unless you si bei chor lor (uncouth in hokkien)!” the pretty nail artist reassured me.

Confident and hopeful of the results, I went home happy that I will have beautiful nails for a longer period of time. You see, I’ve never been able to have pretty painted nails for long. I’d be lucky if they remain pristine by the 4th day!. With this new Gelish nail polish, maybe my wish will come true!

The next day, I arrived at work only to receive news that I have to shift my work station by the end of the day. So began a morning of dusting, cleaning and more cleaning of my ‘new’ work desk, which was only a few cubicles down the entire office. After every few minutes of cleaning, I would examine my wet and soapy fingers to make sure that the nail polish was still there, for the normal polish would have been chipped by now. Thankfully, my nails still look pink and glittery.

Alas! Barely 2 weeks have passed before my “will not tear nor chip” nail polish started to do exactly that. My fast growing nails combined with intensive washing I do, especially during the weekends, probably eroded the staying power of Gelish.

In the end, I decided to “soak” them all off, before I continue to be disappointed every time I look at my nails.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience for me to have “been there, done that”, knowing it must be hard for my friends to maintain their pretty Gelish nails. However, I’m unlikely to try Gelish again as I realised my nails are quite thin.

Or rather, if I care to admit to myself, I’m just too “si bei chor lor” to maintain Gelish-ed nails.


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