When I Grow Up

I have been subjected to near car accidents from the shocking things that came out of Matthew recently. Here are some of the torture he put me through while on the drive home last week:

“MaMa, when I grow up to be a big boy, and MeiMei grows up to be a big girl, I want to marry MeiMei. So I can be Daddy and MeiMei will be Mummy.”

“MaMa, when Megan grows up to be a big girl, she will be a mummy and have a baby in her stomach.” “And I will be Daddy.”

“How do you put a baby into the stomach? Do you open the stomach and put the baby inside?”

“When I grow up, I want to marry a boy.” “Because I don’t like girls.”

I leave you to imagine the sharp intakes of breaths, hems and haws, and sputtering I experienced as I struggled to find satisfactory responses to his declarations and questions…



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