Universal Studios Singapore

“I think I better take off my (slip-on) shoes.” I said, eyeing the number of pairs of flip-flops and shoes on the platform opposite. The Man barely acknowledged my decision as he was trying to contain his excitement for what we were about to do next. A tall, lanky youngster was fidgeting in front of me as we all waited in the same line.

Finally, the wait was over as the people whizzed back to the platform, with wildly tousled hair and big grins on their faces. I sank into the molded seat after taking off my shoes in a hurry. The Man was already in position.

Suddenly, a strong odour of perspiration and fear hit me in the face. The youngster beside me was oozing fear by the buckets and he was close to tears from the suspense. I wrinkled up my nose and tried to turn my head away from the onslaught, forgetting I was already made prisoner to my seat.  A sense of foreboding twirled in my mind, while I suffocated.

Before I had time to dwell on my predicament, I was swept away, the gush of cool wind between my toes little respite. I was twisted, jerked violently about, and turned upside down. The Man screamed, I screamed and everybody screamed.

I could not see beyond the tracks directly in front of me. All of a sudden, my screaming stopped. A wave of nausea welled up in my stomach, and I clammed my mouth shut for fear I would spray the ride and the riders with my breakfast.

Finally, the  ride skidded to a stop back at the starting point. I got off the ride gratefully. Meanwhile, the Man was transformed; gushing about how exciting the ride was, how he loved being a Cylon. I grimaced, wanting to share his exhilaration, but unable to do so while fighting off the spinning in my head.

“Are you feeling better? Let’s go for the Mummy ride!” With that, I had revenge from the Mummy. Which I did not see anything from the second half of the ride as I had my eyes closed tight. Which was evident from the photograph they took of us anyway, with mouths open and eyes closed.

And so the cycle repeated; motion sickness would hit me, then it got better, and worse after a ride. But I truly enjoyed the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure®  where the water splashes negated the heat and dizzyness. The souvenirs I had from the bumpy ride were 1 large bruise each on my left knee and right shoulder though, for the raft rode over the last descent and I took the brunt of the Man’s weight.

The shows were fantastic and highly entertaining, and the food better than decent for a theme park. And the place is small enough to explore within a day. We had a go at almost all the rides. In all, I think it was truly a wonderful experience, save for the humid and warm weather. It is a great experience so close to home. Highly recommended, but leave the camera at home to experience the magic on-site.


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