Welcome to Mac

The kids decided to pretend-play Mac one day and this was how it went:

Main characters involved –

Service staff: Matthew and Megan, played by themselves

Customers: Played by PoPo and Ah Yi

Observer (engrossed in Textropolis on Ah Yi’s Iphone): played by me

Scene 1:

Matthew turns his back on us and dons his baseball cap. He picks up the small magnetic writing board and prepares for the first customer of his shift.

Matthew: Hi, what would you like to have? We have cheeseburgers, fries and coke.

PoPo calls out some random orders. Matthew scribbles downs PoPo’s orders and turns his back to the ‘kitchen’ to prepare the orders. He turns back round after a while with PoPo’s orders and hands them to her.

Scene 2:

Megan has already donned her baseball cap and is waiting in eager anticipation for her turn. When announced she’ll be next, her eyes light up with excitement. She then pats her cheeks twice (to dry her perspiration or to put on make-up we cannot ascertain) before taking over the magnetic board from Matthew.

Megan (looks intently at PoPo the Customer in the eyes): PoPo.

She proceeds to let loose a string of unintelligible words, ending with a tilt of her head to indicate it is a question she just asked. PoPo again calls out some random orders.

Drum roll for dramatic effect – Megan takes down the orders by jabbing the magnetic board once, then chooses another spot on the board to jab once again.

The customers, I mean PoPo, Ah Yi and I turn to one another with incredulous looks on our faces. Is Megan using a PDA to take down orders?!

Matthew, being the more eloquent one, speaks in grammatically accurate sentences but scribbles down the orders. Megan, still has problems pronouncing her words let alone speaking in sentences, remembers to put on make-up and takes down orders on a PDA.

I cannot wait for the day when Megan starts speaking in an understandable manner. Then I can find out what is going on in that little mind of hers…


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