Megan’s 2nd Birthday

Megan’s 2nd birthday was a quiet, family-only affair. Our baby girl has suddenly grown up and officially entered Terrible Two.

Mango mousse cake. Thank you Uncle Chong Boon!

Enthusiastic GorGor blowing out the candles for Megan. Hmm, whose birthday is it exactly?

Enjoying her cake.

Again, again!

Time to unwrap the presents! Again, Matthew is ever the helpful GorGor while Megan watches on.

The baby has a baby to look after! It’s ironic that the new baby is as botak (bald) as Megan was when she was born. Okay, Megan had very fine and wispy hair that made her look bald. The amount of money we’ve saved since she’s never needed a haircut for 2 years. Well, the money is spent on Matthew though, who goes for a haircut every 3 to 4 weeks.

More toys! Building blocks from us and Dora’s carnival set from Ah Yi. Thank you Ah Yi! Love you!

Matthew had a little present too, to celebrate the happy occasion.

Till the next birthday! Hope you’ve enjoyed yourself, Megan…


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