The Day of Truth

A cheerful Matthew enjoying his favourite cheese pancake from Mr Bean while waiting at the Eye Centre, KKWCH, to begin the eye tests and to finally see the doctor. Turns out, Matthew’s been born with this condition, which the doctor called it Brown’s Syndrome. We have a follow-up appointment 6 months later for the doctor to rule out any other conditiion.

We decided to spend the rest of the day with Matthew. It’s been almost 3 years since we last took the cable car ride in Singapore. The new cable car is more futuristic looking and more spacious compared to the old one. Too bad the scenary is nothing to rave about – cranes, construction sites, and cruise ships.

Matthew didn’t seem to mind though, and was admiring  the cranes, tipper trucks, ships, boats and the signs in the cable car, and peppering us with tons of questions. We’re just glad you’re otherwise alright, and that you enjoyed yourself,  my darling boy. We’ll be back again with Megan the next time…



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