CNY Feb 2011

This year’s CNY is a very simple affair with only a couple of visits to relatives and friends. The Move has taken us away from the usual celebratory mood of previous years, and left us with very little time nor energy to properly prepare and plan for CNY 2011.

 Nevertheless, we managed to spend some quality time and here’s what we’ve been up to the past 10 days or so of CNY: 

1st day of CNY – Customary gathering at my cousin’s place. Almost all of the males in my extended family were gathered here, doing what they enjoy whenever we meet – gaming. It’s amazing just to think that when the Man first knew my cousins (extreme left and right), they were only 12 years old! They’ll be 26 this year. Gosh…

The 2nd generation of cousins playing with bubbles. Actually, only Megan was prancing around in her much-too-big slippers. Her older cousins were only helping to create the bubbles, while her brother was preoccupied with the air gun.

2nd day of CNY – after a morning dim sum breakfast with the kids’ distant great granduncles, we had some family fun at the playground in the new neighbourhood. It was bubbles again, but the kids quickly lost interest.

Because this was more fun! Designed for much older kids in mind, Megan had the opportunity to test her arm muscles nonetheless.


Matthew has come a long way from being the ultra cautious, safety-first kid. He’s more daring now and is more willing to try new heights. However, his BaBa is never too far away from him.

My birthday, whom I celebrated with all who matter to me most  (to all who were present, you know who you are). Seen here with my enthusiastic candle-blowers.

All those feasting! My favourite steamboat meals and dim sum, yum yum! And here’s Megan, the ever-ready, real-messy foodie.

And Matthew, who in the midst of the CNY and birthday celebrations, decided he wanted to be a soldier.

Erm, boy, I think you’ll need to wait many years to enter Basic Military Training School. The way you hold the rifle, neh, you won’t pass. For now…

Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Rabbit bring much happiness, good health and prosperity to all! Huat ah!!!


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