The Kids in Perth

The relative-visting cum holiday trip to Perth in December 2010 was the first time Matthew and Megan have ever travelled by air and gone overseas together. The first time we travelled with the 2 of them was to Club Med Bintan.

What can I say about the 2 siblings? I think they have a tolerate-hate relationship right now. They see each other as competitors, role models, and I cannot imagine what else.

These were what the kids were up to during the Perth trip:

Were we on the little red dot, or in Perth? Some things just don’t change. Kids will be kids, and kids love kiddy rides.

Playing on the swings at the park near our service apartment at Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel. Megan couldn’t get enough of the swing, and refused to come down for a long, long time.

Having the time of their lives running around the vast areas of grass at King’s Park. What made the experience perfect was the weather. Although the sun was beating down on all of us relentlessly, there was a strong chilly wind that kept us pespiration-free and even cold.

Matthew the Hoarder with all our hats on his head. He even had Megan’s hat on, but by the time this photo was taken, the strong wind has blown Mega’s hat onto the grass.

The kids working off their lunch after gorging on several french fries (Megan) and 2 crab sticks (Matthew). Sometimes I wonder if I’ve given birth to monkeys instead…

Matthew obliged to my request to pose with his newly acquired toy/puzzle from the gift shop at the Penguin Island ferry terminal. The lop-sided smile was a bonus. Unfortunately, the puzzle proved too challenging for him and all he did throughout the rest of the trip was to hoard the jigsaw pieces in a brown paper bag. All the pieces must be together, and only in THAT brown paper bag. Megan got a kick out of ‘stealing’ pieces of his jigsaw when he wasn’t and running away with him, much to Matthew’s distress and ours as well.

Megan, on the other hand, was so exhausted from walking and running around that she couldn’t manage a smile for the camera. Not that she ever smiles for the camera, anyway. She does, however, look and sound like the new penguin toy that blabbers and cackles sillily whenever its stomach was pressed.


The toys that the kids accumulated during the trip.  

Father and daughter monkeying around in relative’s house. I love Megan’s geeky professor look though.

Finally got Megan to pose with the special tree with the ‘tar’ at the top on our last day at the service apartment hotel. So long Perth! Bye bye!


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