Perth December 2010

The extended Ang family made a trip to Perth, Western Australia from 12 to 19 December 2010. This was Megan’s first airplane experience and Matthew’s fourth, and the 5-hour ride in the air to and fro was just bearable without me going crazy. That is, if you discount the number of times Megan has glued herself to me (as if I’m the most important person to in her world – if only)  the and wouldn’t even let me out of her sight even on my toilet trips.

It’s been almost a month ago we were in Perth. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been busy feasting and partying over the Christmas and New Year holidays, but actually that’s not the truth.

I digress. Let the pictures (they are not about picturesque Perth by the way) do the talking:

Midnight flight. Megan has already gone to LaLa Land while we waited to board the aeroplane. Unfortunately, the situation reversed itself the moment we belted up at our seats. Megan, boosted by her power ‘nap’, was wide-eyed and causing a din while we struggled to catch some sleep. Matthew slept the moment he was settled into his seat. The proof they are siblings was the fact they both wet their pants and caused us to go into a frenzy (because we didn’t pack enough diapers/change of clothes onto the plane. What an experience! *Shudder*

The Van that brought us everywhere in Perth – sightseeing and travelling between relative’s home and our service apartment. Thanks, Dad, for driving us around so everyone else could relax all the way.

The main reason for our 8-day trip to Perth was to attend the Year 7 graduation of the Man’s cousin. But it was a good trip on the whole as we had adequate time to explore the areas. Of course to the kids, what they had fun doing in Perth was no different back on the little red dot.

Caversham Wildlife Park. 40 year old park veteran donkey.

Matthew feeding food pellets to the kangaroo/wallaby. This was unexpected as I thought he would be afraid to approach the kangaroos. As it turned out, he was game enough to stroke their fur and kept taking the pellets from me to feed them. Hmmm, zoologist in the making?

Penguin Island. Picturesque place that was worth exploring further. Unfortunately, the kids were too young to hike along with the other adults to some scenic position at the top of the hill. It was a perfect windy, cloudy day though.

The little feathered residents of Penguin Island.

Fremantle Market. Great, interesting finds, delicious snacks, expensive stuff. Great experience.

The wonderfully delicious, crispy seafood platter. Total damage: SGD 80. But it was worth the experience.

Last stop in Perth, the Margaret River Chocolate at Swan Valley. The kids went nuts over well, nuts and chocolates. So did their Mummy actually. We spent our remaining Aussie dollars at this place. Don’t ask about the total damage. It’s astronomical. Don’t. Ask.

All in all, it was a satisfying experience. However, having grown up in a city country, the pace of living in Perth is a tad too slow for me. Nevertheless, the trip was still an enjoyable one. Looking forward to the next trip…


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