Siblings’ Conversations

Matthew has more or less come to terms that he has a younger sister and that she’s here to stay. They’re playing together more often nowadays, and they take turns leading the other into mischief. Having said that, the fights and bickering are still frequent and dramatic though.

Conversations are still one-sided, since Megan cannot converse with us. But it didn’t stop us from having a good laugh every now and then.

Matthew was pooping with the toilet door open. Megan was running around the house, then stopped abruptly outside the toilet. This was overheard:

Megan: GorGor, blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Matthew (while going about his business): What is MeiMei talking about??


I was having a late dinner with Ah Yi at the dining table when Megan, followed closely by Matthew, appeared by the table. Megan loves to request for whatever the adults are eating at the moment, even though she has already eaten her proper meal earlier.

Megan: Mum mum

Matthew (imitating his sister): Mum mum 

Me: Matthew, you’re a big boy already. Can you talk properly?

Matthew (immediately): May I have the potato please? Eh no, I want the meat. Big one.

As usual, I’m tickled that the elder one is eloquent enough to be understood. And torn between wishing the younger one can learn to speak properly soon, and relishing the peace with pretending she cannot be understood… I love my kids.


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