The Girl and the Rabbit

There was a girl who had a big bedroom to herself in the house. She spent alot of her time in her bedroom, surrounded by her toys. She was a loner, with only her beloved toys as companions.

This girl was peculiar. She was curious about the other worlds, but was content to stay in her room. She was lonely, but she didn’t crave human attention. She was content with being herself, and her toys.

One day, as she was taking a stroll in the forest, she met a rabbit. The rabbit was clever and wise, and he could communicate with the girl.  The girl fell in love with this extraordinary rabbit, and decided to bring it home with her.

The rabbit became the girl’s best friend, and stayed with the girl in her big bedroom. It was the happiest thing to happen to her. She was very contented to share her bedroom, her world, with him.

Slowly, at first without her realising, the rabbit started changing the bedroom. The wallpaper became different, her toys were modified and sometimes upgraded.

The girl belatedly realised the changes happening to her bedroom. She tried to resist the changes to the bedroom she had known all her life. She begged the rabbit to leave her bedroom alone. She cried so many times over the changes, but to no avail. The rabbit was adamant, and bent on changing the bedroom. The girl was torn. She loved the rabbit too much to chase it away. Slowly, she yielded to the changes, and came to accept, and even loved them.

However, the rabbit could never keep still. He kept hopping around the bedroom, conquering the bedroom one improvement at a time. The girl was in despair, helpless to the never-ending changes to her bedroom. She tasted fear, and she felt stiffled. She was losing her bedroom, her world. Too quickly and too many changes.

The girl was tumbling along, tripping and falling down in her topsy-turvy bedroom. She had accepted the changes so far, and she was strong enough to accept more, given time. But would the rabbit wait for her, and give her time to adapt?

To be continued…


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