Yay! I’m Not Alone!

There, I’ve lost it again. Calming down, only to lose it again. For the umpteenth time in a day. Blood pressure shoots up, and then back down again.


Who is this demented monster breaking the peace in the house? That would be me, mother to a 3 and a half year old.

Here I am, contemplating whether my parenting methods have been wrong; if I am a nutcase, cruel, impatient, and totally unsuited to be a parent. Why, why is it so hard to deal with a 3yo?

He says NO but actually means YES.

He gives but actually wants to take. He shoves his toy into his sister’s unwilling arms, only to sit down on the floor and whine “then I have nothing”.

He accuses his sister for taking his things (that are lying on the floor!), and executes justice by forcibly taking them back.

He asks why but actually loves the sound of the word, not the explanation. He has alot to say in return, and actually says alot. He wants to be treated like a big boy, but  is actually still a young one.

Just when I’m threatening to slip into darkness again over my 3yo, I clicked on this.

I laughed so hard silently (cannot risk looking like a lunatic) that tears pooled in my eyes. I nodded so vigorously in my mind I imagined my neck coming apart. I YES-ed at all the points.

Turns out, my son is on the right track of Terrible Terrible Terrible 3. And I’m perfectly normal too…


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