Sibling Love

Motherhood for me at this point involves alot more policing than anything else. Instructions like, “Matthew, that’s MeiMei’s toy. Please return it to her.” “Megan, return it to GorGor please.” are dished out so often and frequently I sometimes wish I could record them down so I do not have to repeat myself all the time.

It’s still rare for the kids to be civil to each other, let alone play together. Nevertheless, there are sweet moments that make me go awwww.

‘Train’ rides on PorPor. That’s a total of 23kg on poor PorPor, but see who smiled the happiest of them all?

Matthew helping to take off Megan’s shoes and socks on our request. I love it when he obliges, it’s such a sweet moment for us.

Looking forward to more of such sweet moments…


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