Interesting Finds in Tokyo 2010

One good thing about a free & easy trip was the freedom to start and end the day at our own time, with pit stops throughout the day to re-fuel our stomachs as and when we desired. We ended up leaving the hotel later and later as the days went by, not that we were complaining much. The only drawback was Matthew was never the limiting factor. No matter what time he fell asleep the night before (close to 10pm, way past his usual bedtime), he would wake up at day break without fail. As with his usual practice, he would wake us up with his “BaBa, the sky is bright” alarm clock statement.

Nevertheless, we were happy to take in the sights and sounds of Tokyo on foot and on the subway trains. Not that there was much sound actually. The Japanese were so considerate and respectful that they turned and stared when the Man raised his voice at Matthew. I did not hear a single ring tone nor blaring music during the 5 days I was in Tokyo; not in the trains, along the roads, in eateries, everywhere. They were certainly using the phones, but they were so considerate doing so you hardly noticed their presence. An interesting observation: very, very few of the Japanese carry Iphones. 

Other interesting finds:

Vending machines! Yes, I’m addicted to slotting yen into these beauties and choosing a never-seen-before bottle/can as my latest catch. The variety of available hot/cold beverages is just amazing. And some drinks were packaged so prettily I couldn’t help but buy them out, to disappointment. Nevertheless, it was incredibly fun.

Matthew was so excited when he saw this huge stuffed cat that housed cushioned seats and a small TV showing Japanese cartoons. 

Funny cups on sale at Tokyu Hands. Too bad Matthew had ramped up his nonsense, if not I’d like to try out the cup with the zebra snout.

Ever wished you could own 2 light sabers instead of 1? Now you can, with light saber chopsticks. Available in 6 designs. Tokyu Hands.

Not a fan of Star Wars? Try Ultraman collectible canned drinks. Available at vending machines. The cola tasted like the fizzy cola sweet.

We saw these curious looking buns at a supermarket. On closer inspection, we realised the filling was actually noodles! Literally 面包 (“noodle bun” or bread in Chinese)

It seems Chilli Crabs are big at this huge restaurant near our hotel. This restaurant was always crowded in the evenings. Other than the name, a pair of merlions (the other not in view) and the 3 famous Singapore brands that make up this restaurant, you could not really tell the origin of the restaurant from the decor.

2 weeks ago we would have been on the plane to Tokyo now. 2 weeks later, it’s back to reality with the Monday blues and cravings for the chicken soup ramen. Missing Tokyo already. When can we have the next getaway?


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