Tokyo Getaway 2010 Part 1

The Man, Matthew and I went to Tokyo, Japan for a 5D4N free & easy trip last week. We had our fair share of enjoyment and frustrations, but generally I think it was a good bonding time with Matthew.

Thank goodness for entertainment channels on demand, the trip to Narita Airport was bearable. Considering the plane took off at 5.55am.

Our first evening in Tokyo after checking into Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa & checking out the neighbourhood – Epson Aqua Stadium. A small aquarium with overhead display tanks, and entertaining dolphin and sea lion shows.

I want to go Disneyland to see Mickey, not pose with his poster.

Your wish is our command, dude. Tokyo Disneyland Halloween style on Day 2. In October last year, we were in Hong Kong soaking in the Halloween atmosphere too. Time flies, and Matthew has grown up since.

The Halloween parade in the day. The Man and Matthew were at least 7 rows of people behind the action, while I was in the queue for

A chance to meet Mickey Mouse in his house. When I first joined the snaking queue, there was this friendly staff who told us the wait at that point would be 90 minutes.

After 30 minutes, we finally reached this signboard that said the wait time from this point onwards was 60 minutes. We were already at the front of Mickey’s house. Out of sight was the continuing zig-zag queue to the left of the house, then finally to the door of this entrance. There was more queuing IN the house itself before we finally met Mickey at the back of the house.

We were about 15 rows of people behind enjoying the night parade, a dazzling display of floats covered with beautiful lights.

We were at Disneyland from opening till closing for about 12 hours. We managed to meet Mickey, successfully queued and got on Dumbo, Flying Airjets, Carousel and Buzz Lightyear on Fast Pass. We walked past every popcorn stand, taking in the smells of chocolate, caramel, and even curry popcorn, but not managing to find the popcorn container we spotted and liked. We walked into the stores and came out dazed by the crowd, and the prices.

Ate snacks like this spring roll filled with pasta sauce and Cheddar cheese,

lots of processed meat in the sausage and burger. And lots of sugar in the soft drinks, cake and chocolate mousse.

Matthew enjoying the sausage from the package in the photo above. Despite his funny look, he was enjoying the sausage. Then again, he loves sausages. And ham. And bacon. A processed meat junkie in the making. I know…

But Matthew still crashed out at 10+ pm on the bus back to the hotel. And we had souvenirs and memories to remember the almost magical time (if not for the excessive queuing) we spent at Tokyo Disneyland. Sweet dreams…


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